INTERVIEW // SHOOT: Rachel Fleminger Hudson

I interviewed and photographed a weirdo and friend of mine by the name of Rachel Fleminger Hudson. This London gyal is quite the all rounder. She's a popular blogger, in her free time: a photographer with genuine artistic talent and, although she may not directly say it, a model. We talk about her experiences blogging and modelling on top of some super exciting up-coming projects.


INTERVIEW // SHOOT: Júlía Tómasdóttir

I interviewed / photographed / hung out with 17-year-old Julia Tomasdottir during my trip to Iceland this summer. She's a young assistant stylist and blogger based just outside of Reykjavik and probably one of the friendliest people ever. (It also shames me too admit that she knows more about british TV than I do). I asked her  about her experience in the fashion industry and what it's like growing up and making art in the small and close-knit community that is Iceland.

So what do you do fashion-wise?

I'm an assistant stylist so like what that involves is that I have to go to like stores and pick out the clothes I want the models to wear and then dress them and return the clothes...


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